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Welcome to our listing of links!
As home schoolers with internet access, we often find some great sites that assist us in our educational ventures. We would like to pass along to you some of our favorite sites that have proved useful.

Home Education Sites:
THE LINK This site is simple to navigate and includes home education articles that change periodically.

At Home in America Home education articles.

Home Education Magazine This is a large site with a wealth of information. News and Updates, informative and useful articles, Networking, Discussion Boards, Resources, and Classifieds.

www.HomeEducator.com Articles on homeschooling help, encouragement, and special needs. Articles change regularly.

crosswalk.com Click "Homeschooling". Articles, Discussion Boards, FYI section for beginners, lists organizations and resources.

Homeschool Zone This site has a "Special Needs Section" which includes communities for gifted students, Dyslexia, ADD, speech disorders, and more.

Apricot Pie Homeschool competitions, poems and essays written by homeschoolers, links to "100% Free Kid Stuff".

www.home-educate.com Links to used book sites, Christian web sites, and more. "Encouragement" section offers inspiration and support to home educators. Site also has unschooling information.

Homeschooling Teens and College Support for homeschooling ages 11-18; articles, teen links, getting into college, curriculum reviews, and more.

Educational Organizations:
U.S. Department of Education "Publications On-Line Ordering System" offers many freebies. Click "Publications for Parents" to read or print free information on a wide range of subjects that include college prep, early childhood, and more. The "Helping Your Child" series offers many activity ideas for hands-on learning.

National Home Education Research Institute Great site for getting facts on home education. Research data and statistics regarding standardized testing, "socialization", homeschoolers as adults, and more! Click "Research".

Indiana Department of Education
For their homeschool page CLICK HERE

Indiana Association of Home Educators
Indiana's state home education support group. Site includes state events, regions and representatives, state laws, and links.

Home Education Methods:
Unschooling Information

"Unschooling Explained" Site explains the method of "unschooling"; has articles and resources.

The Charlotte Mason approach

Charlotte Mason Links This site offers links to web sites that have information on the Charlotte Mason method.

Charlotte Mason Study Notes and Essays

More Charlotte Mason information

Charlotte Mason Support Group

Read Charlotte Mason's own words

Kid Friendly Sites:
YAHOOLIGANS! Provides a safe webring, educational links, and links for fun.

Safe Surfin' This site teaches kids on-line safety. Click "Kids and Teens" to go to safe, secure links.

Christian Kids' Webring Kids' page with Christian, wholesome web links for devotion, education, and fun.

PBS KIDS Links to all your little one's favorite PBS shows; also has activities.

Let's Find Out This site is similiar to a children's encyclopedia. It is a great reference site with cool links!

Highlights for Children

Lesson Plans / Activity Ideas:
Education World Magazine "Subject Centers" contain links and project/activity ideas. Site also has articles, legal news, student worksheets, on-line games, and arts and crafts.

Virtual Blackboard This site has many how-to's and ideas on teaching a variety of subjects using the internet.

TEACHERS NET Click "Lesson Plans" for a large database of educational lesson plans, projects, and activities.

Yes I Teach Click "Lesson Plans", then click, "Character Counts" for simple activities that build strong values.

childfun.com Site has crafts for kids, pre-school activities, recipes, parenting advice, and more. "Activity" link contains themed activity plans on everything from colors to camping.

Chicky Ma Ma Hundreds of activity ideas from math to butterflies.

Homeschool Ideas This site offers lesson plans, worksheets, information on core subjects, and lots of extras! Site also has used curriculum for sale.

Creative Classroom This site is devoted to aiding the K-8 teacher with book and software reviews, techniques and tips, and creative ideas. The information on this site changes bi-monthly.

Educational Resources:
Fun Brain On-line quizzes, lessons, and educational games.

Brain Station This site is FULL of educational web links including: "Free Stuff" links, reference links, and "Kidz Rule K-6" web links.

Teacher VisionSite has lesson plans, super sites for kids listed by subject, and free web resources.

EASY TYPE This site provides for free a fun, colorful, on-line typing course. {Must register}

Unit Studies Web links, unit study ideas, FAQ's, excellent resource list at the end of each unit study adventure.

FREE Worksheets!

More FREE Worksheets

Internet Public Library On-line text books, newspapers, magazines, links, and more!

schoolwork.org Looking for math sites? Spelling sites? This site has an extensive listing of links for some of the best sites on the web for core and elective subjects.

TEACHERS WEB Click "Internet Guide" for links to sites for core and elective subjects.

Teleport Click "Studies and Homework" for links to library, museum, research, and literature sites. Click "Lifestyles", then click, "For Kids!" for links that teach your child to sign, links to children's museums, and much more!

Early Childhood Sites:
National Association for the Education of Young Children Click "Parents" link to go to "Early Years are Learning Years" articles on a variety of issues. Articles are free to read or print, but you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Alphabet Super Highway Resource site for elementary and secondary teachers. "Traveling Tutor" has mini-lessons and web links that include on-line books.

Sassy Sue's Freebies Click "Educational" for freebies that range from stickers to workbooks.

Sing and Learn Click "Free Stuff" for free demos, downloads,and worksheets. (Software choices change regularly)

FREE Magic School Bus Games to download Click "Free Stuff"

FREE homeschool forms and schedules to print!

FREE Texas Achievement Tests to Print For grades 3-10; need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Other Useful Sites:
National Inventors Hall of Fame "Hall of Fame" listed by inventor; links.

How Stuff Works Site explains how everything from toilets to satellites work.

NASA for Kids

White House for Kids Site includes youth newsletter, historic moments, write the White House, White House pets, and presidential information.

Virtual Field Trips Pick from a wide variety of field trips. This site also offers vocabulary words and questions that correspond with your trip!


DTLK'S Printable Crafts for Kids Crafts for pre-k through second grade.(Most projects require a printer for printing templates).

UPDATED: Homeschooling Pen-Pals This site allows fellow homeschoolers to request or select pen-pals to communicate via e-mail.

How to Prepare Transcripts

Scope and Sequence Click "Parents", then "Typical Course of Study".

Scholastic Site has areas for kids, parents, and teachers.

Golden Books This site has jokes, magic pages, print factory, games, and more! Make sure to check out the "Have Someone Read You a Story" section.

Animated Sign Language

Poetry Site has elementary and middle school poetry lesson ideas, forms of poetry, fingerplays, K-12 Drama, and more. Click "Selected Poetry E-Texts" to read poetry.